5 Tips To Nail Your Job Interview Over Remote Video Call

video conference interview tips

Because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, job prospects can no longer do in-person interviews for jobs. Instead, they do them over video conference call remotely.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a job interview over video conference call:

1. Use Quality Equipment

You need to have a good webcam on your computer. If you are using a mobile device or tablet, make sure you have a good quality video camera that is good indoors with normal light conditions.

There are a vast number of webcams on the market today. Here are some of the best webcams for video conferencing:

  • Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 or C930
  • Microsoft LifeCam Studio 1080p HD Webcam

Use headphones — they make conversations easier to understand. If you’re not using headsets, use a phone to call into the video conference using the dial-in number provided to you.

2. Use Proper Webcam Placement

The placement of your webcam is crucial in a job interview. It should be positioned at eye level with you seated. Setting the camera at eye level means your face should be right in front of it with your eyes roughly at the same height as the camera. This will give you the most natural-looking face during the interview. If the camera is too low and pointing upwards at your face, it can look unflattering and puffy (plus, the viewer is looking up your nose and under your chin, which you want to avoid!).

3. Avoid Moving Around When Doing The Interview

Keep your head steady and talk directly into the camera. Keep your hands off the keyboard or mouse during the interview, as this could distract from the interview and make you look nervous. It is a good idea to have some present to assist you with taking notes while you do the interview, in case you have to type something while talking to the interviewer. Or, ask to record the call and then take your own notes later while watching back the recording.

4. Ensure Proper Webcam Lighting And Backgrounds While Video Conferencing

It is essential to have good lighting on you while interviewing over a video conference call. Make sure there is light coming from in front of you and from above your head, as this will help illuminate your face and make it easier for your interviewer to see clearly what you are saying. Avoid having lights directly behind you, because this will cause you to appear shadowy and more like a silhouette while on camera. When talking to someone on a video conference, make sure that your background is not disturbing. That includes pets or people walking by.

5. Be Prepared

When doing a video conference, be familiar with the software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Test the software in advance, making sure your video and audio are working correctly. If you’re not familiar with a particular tool, watch a YouTube video on how to use that tool or ask a friend who has used it before for help. Set up your room so that you can be as comfortable as possible, and test the equipment well in advance. Have water handy, and clear your throat if you need to. If you have a persistent cough, consider taking some cough medicine before the call.

Don’t forget to smile … you’re having a video conversation!