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MGR Construction Services has been serving the construction industry since 1999. Our company provides the services of Construction Labour, Project Management, Construction Machinery, Service Personnel and much more. We also specialize in Health and Safety Management.

Fast, efficient construction is the cornerstone of every successful project.

When a delay or setback occurs, you need easy access to reliable construction workers who can step in right away. With the help of MGR Construction, you can keep competitors at bay and keep clients happy.


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MGR Construction Services puts thousands of temp construction associates to work. We’ve been in business since 1999 and understand that finding the right talent for your project is critical to the success of your project.

We’ve made it our mission to secure and provide the highest quality, skilled professionals in North America. We have over two decades of expertise sourcing and training our workers.

In 2019, our clients rated MGR Construction Services with a quality score of 4.5 out of 5 through an independent third-party survey. You can count on us to provide the level of service you demand. 

Our workers are curated and vetted from a wide pool of applications. All worker applicants are carefully screened prior to going through our in-depth onboarding training program, as well as a virtual meeting with our team to verify their information and ensure they are the right fit for our our clients. 

One of the key differentiators in our implementation methodology is how we quantify, on an on-going basis, the quality of our workers. This ensures we deliver high quality service and proactively identify areas for on-going improvement and training.

Each worker is ‘scored’ for quality based on a formula that includes client quality scores, absenteeism, on-time rates, skills-set, accreditations, and other critical factors.

We are the leading supplier of construction labour in North America, with Canadian office locations in British Columbia and Ontario, and US offices located in Washington and Texas. Our dispatch offices assign workers to projects all across North America and select high quality workers located near your job site.

Our clients partner with us because of our differentiating values: we perform better and produce top-quality talent. Work with us and benefit from the same extraordinary level of service and unmatched value. Contact us today and let us prove our value to you.

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