Tips For Hiring Your First Customer Support Representative

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If you feel as if you cannot handle all your customer service inquiries or you just don’t want to, the best way to deal with it is to hire workers to build your customer service team.

If your customer support is not up to par you could lose customers. Because of this, it’s often the first thing recommended to build a team for. Having said that, there are some ways to hire your first customer support representative that will be more effective for you and your customers. Let’s explore!

1. Know What You Need

The first part of hiring a customer service support person is to know what you need. To know what you need you’ll need to track what you do each day, as well as the types of answers you give to basic issues. If you can create an FAQ that your reps will use for guidance, and even copy and paste from to answer the customers who have the same type of problems, it will help a lot.

2. Set the Expectations

Put your expectations in writing. Do you want to please clients no matter what? Do you want to return the money with no questions asked? Do you want to stick to some sort of rule about refunds that you need them to know? Whatever it is that you need the rep to know should be in writing within the training, so that they know what the expectations are.

3. Understand the Culture You Want to Advance

Now that you know what you need, decide the type of culture you want your workplace to be. Do you want them to follow strict rules or do you want them to think for themselves with some guiding factor in place? It can help to share your mission statement and the story of your business so that they can understand how you want to be seen by the world and the customers that they serve.

4. Know What Skills Are Required

Now that you have that set, you can decide which skills are required for this position. Write them all down. Do you want them to be empathetic? Do they need to be skilled with technology or know how to use a certain software program? Write it all down.

5. Contact MGR Workforce

Reach out to us and request your first worker. We’ll gather all the information you have about your ideal candidate and match you up with qualified, skilled workers.

6. Select From The Candidates

MGR Workforce will match you with candidates, and even send you more than one worker to pick from. See who meets your skill requirements best. Notice people who follow your direction the best. Select the candidate you feel fits your company culture.

7. Enjoy Your New Team Member

Once you have hired the best person for the job, leave them to get started right away! We send workers ready to work on day one.

It’s very important to hire the right people so that you can relax. Let them know your expectations and the type of culture you want them to represent, as well as how you want them to handle the types of complaints or issues that normally arise. Give them a way to contact you when they first start but let them know you want them to handle things themselves as much as possible before escalating an issue to you.

MGR Workforce puts thousands of temp labour associates to work. We’ve been in business since 1999 and understand that finding the right talent for your project is critical to the success of your project.

We’ve made it our mission to secure and provide the highest quality, skilled professionals in North America. We have over two decades of expertise sourcing and training our workers.

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