Interim vs Contract Hiring: What Are The Differences?

interim vs contract temp workers

There is a big difference between interim and contract hiring. It is not always easy to know what the differences are between them. We will give you some tips to better understand this trend and how it could affect your recruitment process.

What are the differences?

One of the main differences is that contract workers are hired for a specific period of time, while interim workers usually work for longer periods of time. On average, a contract worker stays with their client from one month to a year, while an interim worker can stay with their client for months or even years. As they are hired on a short-term basis, they are also less expensive than a full-time employee.

Another difference is that contract workers are not reimbursed for travel or living expenses, while an interim worker is. They often work on site and will spend more time with the team than most contract workers do.

How can it impact your recruitment process?

The potential talent pool you are targeting may be different from what you’ve typically looked for in the past. You may find people who have all the necessary skills and experience but don’t want to commit to one company permanently and choose to work as an interim worker instead. This change in mindset will challenge your current way of recruiting and force you to rethink your approach to how you onboard new talent. This can be especially difficult if you don’t have systems in place to manage your talent pool and onboard new temp hires.

It is no longer enough to fill a job description. You need to think about ways to make sure that all employees (whether temp or full-time) feel welcomed when they start working for your company, what kind of training programs you will put in place and what kind of support you will provide them with.

By attracting people who have all the necessary skills and experience but don’t want to commit to one company permanently, you can keep your team fresh and motivated. All these changes in the workforce can also give you the chance to look at your business model in a new way and think about how you could improve it.

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