10 Misconceptions About Temp Agencies

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At MGR Workforce, we do things differently than the other temp worker agencies out there. There are many common misconceptions regarding temporary staffing agencies, which often deter people from registering with them. Here are ten common misconceptions about temp staffing agencies that we want to address, and will hopefully change your mind about working with MGR Workforce.

Misconception #1 – Temporary staffing agencies provide temporary jobs only.

This is actually a common misconception. Many people believe that a temp staffing agency only provides temporary jobs and that once a temp staffing agency hires you, you will only work temporarily for the client company. The truth is that MGR Workforce hires employees for temporary, temporary to permanent, and permanent employment opportunities. Often, an employer will hire an MGR Workforce worker and like having them onboard their team so much that they’ll offer them full-time placement.

Misconception #2 – All temp staffing agencies are the same.

This is not true for every staffing agency. Just like any other business, each staffing agency has its own unique way of doing things. Some staffing agencies may be better for you than others; it’s up to you to decide.

Misconception #3 – Temporary staffing agencies are too expensive.

This is an unfortunate misconception among many business owners. When you’re looking for a staffing agency, you have to do your research and compare costs. At MGR Workforce, we’re very affordable for the highly skilled workers we can bring you.

Misconception #4 – Temporary staffing agencies hire people with no experience.

This is probably the most common misconception about temp staffing agencies. In fact, some people believe that temp staffing agencies don’t require any experience at all. This is totally false, and it is important to clarify this misconception. At MGR Workforce, we vet all of our workers and have them go through an onboarding system and training program before they are placed at a job.

Misconception #5 – Temp Agencies Don’t Care About Their Employees

Of course we care! At MGR Workforce, our employees are very important to us. Our goal is to find the best placement for you with one of our clients. When you succeed at your job placement, our agency succeeds as a result. We train you for success, offer you job opportunities that match your career goals and skillset, and provide you with the guidance you need to be successful at your job. We are also here to help you with any difficulties you may encounter on the job.

Misconception #6 – Temp Agencies Place Their Employees at New Job Locations Daily

While it is possible you will work in a new location every day, it is not a common practice at MGR Workforce. It is important that you and your coworkers have time to get to know each other and develop a great working relationship. We understand the importance of a good working environment.

Misconception #7 – Temp Agencies Take a Cut From Their Employees’ Paycheques

At MGR Workforce, we are transparent in our practices. We are in this business to find the right employee for the right job, not to make a quick buck off our workers’ backs. We pay our employees directly for their work, and do not take a cut from their paycheques.

Misconception #8 – Temporary Staffing Agencies Only Offer Low Paying Jobs

We offer jobs in many different industries and pay scales. There are plenty of great opportunities for skilled workers and entry-level applicants alike. If you are interested in an opportunity, register with MGR Workforce to ensure you are considered for all opportunities that fit your skills and career goals.

Misconception #9 – Temporary staffing agencies take the place of permanent employees.

It’s important to know that a temp staffing agency will not take the place of permanent employees. We do not want to take the place of any current employees you may have. Our goal is to supplement your workforce and help you meet your staffing needs.

Misconception #10 – Temporary staffing agencies are only for unskilled labour.

This is another common misconception. Many business owners believe that using a temp agency is only for unskilled labour, such as packing boxes or stuffing envelopes. At MGR Workforce, we’re proud to say that our candidates are highly-skilled, professional workers, many with decades of experience. We can supply workers with different levels of skills and experience, depending on your needs.

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